Hazel's Process Journal

Week 4

Thoughts on Planning to Start, Planning to Finish: I’ve never heard of the concept of planning to start vs. planning to finish; this is so interesting for someone like me, who plans everything out. Usually, getting started is the hardest part. So when I really don’t want to work, I just tell myself to work for 25 minutes. After I get past the inertia of starting, I usually find that I’m able to keep working without much resistance. I like the phrase “setting the stage”. It seems less daunting than “getting to the finish line”. However, I personally think planning to start also requires one to have plenty of time left before the deadline. If the deadline is approaching very quickly, then it’s hard to separate the task from the deadline. I also think the differentiation between planning to start and finish is not similar to the concept of systems vs. goals. Systems go beyond setting the stage, and it requires greater thinking and organization for what will come after the initial stage.