Hazel's Process Journal

Week 2

To me, the fact that the internet, a vast and infinite world of information, is invisible to the human eye is fascinating. The infinite nature of the web is also is hard to wrap my head around. I love the quote by Eleanor Saita “magic changes the rules of the world in a way we don’t expect”. I believe the exponentially developing and moldable nature of the internet is magical, and it creates new possibilities that we couldn’t imagine before.

At the same time, I’m aware of the dangers of centralized internet. As platforms owned by large corporations gain more and more influence, the common user of the web can be manipulated. In 2020, the documentary “The Social Dilemma” exposed many of the dangers of social networking. I found documentary this really eye-opening. What one believes to be a free website for virtual social interaction may turn out to be a business built to encourage addiction and extract personal data and advertisement revenue.

Given my fondness of the possibilities internet provides and my awareness of the dangers of centralized web, I’m intrigued by the indie web movement; I hope to one day publish on the web independently rather than relying on other platforms to upload for me. Creating my own content and architecture sounds exciting, like a more active and controlled process where I get to be an engineer, designer, and artist. Yet I have concerns that arise. How would others discover my personal website in the first place? Wouldn’t I have to share it via social media? Many ironies arise, and I’m still left with questions.

p.s. I absolutely love the friendship lamp. It would be the perfect gift!