Hazel's Process Journal

Week 1

#Reading Response The term ‘handmade web’ was confusing for me to hear at first. I had always imagined creating a website to be a very mechanical process, consisting mostly of coding. Thus, it’s super interesting to view some of these handmade websites and see how personalized, physical, and quirky each one is. It just reminded me what a creative and interactive place the web can be! I’m hoping to make one myself in the future. The idea of creating my own space on the web from start to finish is exciting.

![I chose this because I like found the captions to be quite funny] https://baby-hands.glitch.me/index.html

![The way the “net” is portrayed, both in the artwork and the website, is really cool]https://anthology.rhizome.org/nasty-nets

#Three Ideas

I’d like to do a video project on various places I like, so here are my 3 ideas.

##1. Libraries (both in-person and virtual spaces): I really missed going to libraries during quarantine, and I even made a virtual library on zoom for some Princeton students. I might recreate some of Princeton’s physical libraries online and then film the physical vs. virtual library side-by-side

##2. My favorite places on campus: As a senior, I’m trying to remember and explore campus while I can. I want to pick my 5 favorite spots and make a video of each location, adding a VoiceOver of a journal entry or an interview taking one friend to each of the places

##3. Grocery stores: It may be boring for some, but I absolutely love grocery shopping. The product placement, layout, and interior of each grocery store carries so much purpose and thought, so I want to explore more of that.