Hazel's Process Journal

Process Journal for Series 3

After some help from friends to film + hours of editing, I have finished my freestyle dance video. Now I'm moving on to the website!!!

I've made several sketches and templates for my website. I plan to do a checkerboard, with each piece of the checkerboard leading to a new place. Once you "enter" the place, you'll be met with media that simulates the experience of physically being at the location.

I have to go around taking some pictures and recordings of each place.

(later that week)

I woke up at 7am to go around campus, so that I could make sure no one was in my photos. I really enjoyed just taking in the beauty of the building and morning. Even though I've walked the same paths countless times, I was always heading somewhere and running around. I realized I never really took the time to look up and take in my surroundings. Before, the chirping of birds were just noise waking me up from my nap. This time, the chirping sounded musical and harmonious. I even visited Julius Romo, which is the building for my department, economics. I think when attending classes and seminars there, I didn't fully appreciate the beauty of the building and the careful selection and placement of furniture. As I spent over 3 hours walking around campus and capturing both pictures and recordings of various places, I thought that I'm going to miss Princeton a lot when I graduate. I'm glad I chose this topic as my project. It was nice to be reminded of the wonder I had in my eyes when I first decided to attend Princeton and visited.

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