Hazel's Process Journal

Process Journal for Series 1

  1. Brainstorming

2/7 When I heard about the series project, I instantly knew I wanted mine to be on various places I like. I have a special attachment to and appreciation for physical spaces. And now that I'm graduating Princeton, I really want to savor the places here with all of my senses. I first came up with three ideas of places that interested me, and then I narrowed down my choice to one of the three ideas.

Three Ideas - 2/7

##1. Libraries (both in-person and virtual spaces): I really missed going to libraries during quarantine, and I even made a virtual library on zoom for some Princeton students. I might recreate some of Princeton’s physical libraries online and then film the physical vs. virtual library side-by-side

##2. My favorite places on campus: As a senior, I’m trying to remember and explore campus while I can. I want to pick my 5 favorite spots and make a video of each location, adding a VoiceOver of a journal entry or an interview taking one friend to each of the places

##3. Grocery stores: It may be boring for some, but I absolutely love grocery shopping. The product placement, layout, and interior of each grocery store carries so much purpose and thought, so I want to explore more of that.

I decided to go with my favorite places on campus. I want to incorporate dancing and video into it.

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