Hazel's Process Journal

Process Journal for Gathering 1

Here is one idea I have for my virtual gathering.

Virtual Meeting Campus

Purpose: recreating physical places for those who can no longer access

Zoom 3 pics from different parts of the chosen location

To 3-5 students living away from Princeton:

  • Each person asked “which location on campus do you miss most?”
  • Sent a virtual invitation - modeled after paperless post

Inside each envelope (personalized website)

  • 3 pictures (optional zoom backgrounds) of the location
  • Card of the zoom link (dear ___, you are invited to… March 30th, 2021 7:30pm)
  • The 4 “pieces of paper” would basically be 4 html pages you can flip through, click in and out of

The zoom meetings

  • I’ll get on zoom from my three devices, each with one of the 3 zoom backgrounds
  • Play a sound or do an activity that mimics what you do when you’re there
  • Or use breakout rooms and ask people to change zoom background each time they go into a new room

ex1. Firestone (Hayoung)

  • Trustee room
  • Reading Room
  • Art gallery
  • Study with me, pomodoro timer

ex2. Small World Cafe/cafe Witherspoon/Wawa (Jon or Josh)

  • Picture of menu
  • Picture of tables
  • Picture of bakery offerings
  • I’ll send a $5 Starbucks gift card, BYOC bring your own coffee
  • Catch up over coffee

ex3. Dance Studios (Jinn/triple8 event?)

  • Take pictures of wucox, Roberts, new south
  • Virtual dance workshop
  • Dance show viewing

- 1 toast